New Single: 'Back To Life'
With ‘Touchdown’ and ‘Get Out Of My Way’, the first two singles of the ‘Full Color’ EP, Inge van Calkar has released new material in less than a year after the album ‘Reset’: it’s electropop with an even more sensual and a more rebellious appearance.

Her finger hung above the reset button as if it were the atomic red button. Did she dare to press it? If so, her career would go in a completely different direction. Inge van Calkar did not have to hesitate long. In fact: baaang! The case was settled with a fist. It wasn't such a big dilemma either. The album Reset - that game changer in her career - has been out for less than a year and now already there are new tracks. Touchdown and Get Out Of My Way, the first two singles of the EP Full Color go further than River, the most poppy single from Reset that was championed by Dutch public broadcaster Radio 2. Much further, they go: by the end of July 2019, Touchdown was awarded the TopSong status, effectively being powerplayed by the station for an entire week.

On the album Reset she successfully shifted her course from singer-songwriter to indie pop. With the tracks from the Full Color EP, Inge has now entered the domain of the queens of pop Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie and Robyn. The music is more frivolous, it’s more electro, there are no acoustic guitars, the lyrics are more sensual. The excitement is many times higher.

Great titles already tell the whole story. No title other than Reset could have covered the concept of Inge van Calkar’s second album so accurately as this one. She pressed the reset button without mercy, and finally she changed her artistic course. Out went the acoustic elements, in came the electronic ones. Tastes change. That is part of a musical development. This evolution has continued for the upcoming Full Color EP. From the sometimes somewhat dark sound of Reset, she has now arrived at all other shades of the rainbow. She is in Full Color now. The ‘lady in white’ now uses all the paint pots in her cabinet. ‘From now on, looking for song titles I intend to stay in the mood I was in during the artistic process,’ Inge explains. The 6-track EP will be released at a later date.

With her first two singles from that EP, the Groningen-based songstress is steering into an exciting new direction. She has (temporarily) left indiepop’s main road for an interesting ride on ‘electro Avenue’. The title Touchdown evokes connotations with rugby and perhaps American football too. This funky upbeat track, that bears the sound of Grandmaster Gordon Groothedde, is a genuine hint to sex. However, it comes without an Explicit Lyrics warning sticker. Maybe another warning can be stuck on, for radio DJs: ‘Addictive strong song, play it ‘responsibly’, or it might just become a radio hit.’ Get Out Of My Way, co-written with Radboud Miedema (known from Reality of Lost Frequencies) and Groothedde, is built on a pounding electropop synth riff.

Pubcaster Radio 2 has always been a great supporter of hers, highlighted by putting Touchdown in power play position. That is a spectacular improvement! And to think that she doesn't even have a record deal. She releases everything on her own Deer and Forest label. But it pays off. The results speak for themselves. Inge is happy with the great radio response. There they acknowledge her new, more frivolous musical course. They both benefit from it. Van Calkar is well aware of that: ‘I feel at home now. My music is a bit more light-hearted now. Celebrate life!’ You could almost paint her white clothes. Additionally, she gets international recognition, as demonstrated by live performances at the famous Reeperbahn festival (2018) and Danish showcase event Spot (2019).

She learned to achieve this more modern sound by working on her own with Apple's Logic Pro recording program, the follow-up to Garageband for pros. ‘I did some research before. That's how I did my own preproduction.’ On Full Color there will be a total of four songs with producer Gordon Groothedde and two with Snoet & Smoel, the production house from Leeuwarden. In addition to making her own music, from autumn 2019 onwards she will also play the role of Lucifer in the open-air play Rise of the Blue City, staged by the Groningen-based theatre company PeerGrouP in the area around the Oldambt Lake.

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